Bourbon & Baker

Bourbon and Baker is accepting applications for a Kitchen Manager. Contact Katie at (785) 320-4959 if the details below sound like a fit for you. 

Job Classification: Full Time, Exempt

Benefits Eligibility: Eligible

Reports To: General Manager

Work Schedule: 45-55 hours per week. Schedule is varied based on business need but a consistent weekly schedule can be expected. Evenings and weekend availability is required.

Summary of Role: The Kitchen Manager is a key leadership position in the restaurant/business.  The position oversees all aspects of the restaurant’s culinary team, menu, guest execution and food production.  This includes, but not limited to: guest experience, menu offerings and execution, financial performance, ambiance, repair, food safety, cleanliness, team culture, and company policy adherence.  This role oversees daily execution in the kitchen in conjunction with subordinate leadership positions. It monitors, coaches and improves the performance and success of the entire team while advancing the vision for the menu and brand established by OEG Director of Culinary.

What’s in it For You:

•    Annual Salary paid in Bi-Weekly pay cycles

•    Health and Dental Insurance offered with company share

•    Paid Time Off

•    Holiday Pay for company observed holidays

•    Life Insurance

•    Short Term Disability

•    50% Discount at all company locations

•    Opportunity for mentor-guided career development

•    Eligible for Referral Bonus Program

•    Food & beverage training from industry experts

•    Company sponsored gatherings and events

What We Need From You:

•    2+ years minimum leadership and team management experience.

•    2+ years of experience scheduling strategically based on business volume and forecasted revenue.

•    1+ years experience with both direct report 1-1 conversations, development and team level communication.

•    1+ years in hiring, development and terminations of direct reports.

•    Ability to create daily specials that are consistent with the quality and tone of the restaurant menu.

•    Ability to create, standardize, and develop recipes.

•    A passion for creating memorable experiences for guests.

•    Be able to communicate in and understand the predominant language of our guests

•    Strong verbal and written communication skills

•    Strong work ethic to execute demanding mental and physical work under pressure

•    Positive attitude that remains consistent under pressure

•    ServSafe certification preferred, will be required after accepting position

Key Responsibilities: 

•    Lead the effort to create the best atmosphere and food within 250 miles

•    Establish short and long-term vision for team development, brand evolution, and menu opportunities

•    Remain operationally involved in daily team and guest related execution.  Work at minimum two volume evening shifts per week.  (GM may help adjust based on business need)

•    Champion the restaurant’s 1-1 initiative and the company’s effort to become the ‘Best Gig on the Block’

•    Direct the work of subordinate leaders; train, coach & support them to improve in all aspects of their roles

•    Be directly involved in scheduling, hiring, terminating & promoting of culinary team

•    Responsible for ensuring that all daily administrative duties are completed accurately, on time and in accordance with company policies and procedures.

•    Maintain and record keep proprietary recipes and intellectual property

•    Monitor compliance with restaurant’s and government regulations regarding food and alcohol service

•    Oversee restaurant cleanliness. Provide leadership for the completion & structure of daily opening, closing & cleaning duties

•    Co-lead, with G.M., the effort to promote collaboration & teamwork between FOH & BOH employees

•    Communicate professionally & efficiently with guests and colleagues

•    Assist in creating and maintaining annual budgeted financial goals with a per line variance of 5% as it’s reported in the monthly profit & loss statement

•    Perform other duties as dictated by business need & directed by General Manager


Physical Demands: 

•    Ability to be on your feet & walking up to 10 hours

•    Ability to execute demanding mental and physical work under pressure

•    Ability to climb stairs multiple times during a shift

•    Ability to reach & lift above the head as needed

•    Ability to lift, balance and move items up to 40 lbs.

•    Ability to squat, bend, and twist your body as needed

•    Ability to function in a work environment that is, at times, hot, loud, in tight spaces with colleagues, contains wet and slippery surfaces