Board of Directors & Staff

Downtown Manhattan Inc.

President:  Dan Crouch, Principal at BBN Architects

Vice-President:  Kate Narrow, Owner of Danenberg Jewelers

Treasurer: Jocelyn Guilfoyle, Manager of Bling

Board Members at Large:

Ben Burton: Owner of Switchgrass Development & Community House

Donna Scheele: Senior Vice President of United Bank & Trust

Alyn Pennington West: Owner of Strecker Nelson West Gallery & Custom Frames

Jake Voegeli: Owner of Manhattan Brewing Company

Tanya Ram: Owner of Finn’s Neighborhood Pub

Dan Michaels: Production Director at Eagle Radio

Ex-Officio Board Members:

Stephanie Peterson: Director of Community Development

Amanda Webb: Planning and Special Projects Director for Riley County

Kurstin Harris (Community Member at Large)


Gina Snyder: Executive Director, DMI

Sophie Brooks: Office Manager, DMI

Danielle Parson: Event Manager, DMI

Donovan Barber: Groundskeeper, DMI


Downtown Manhattan, Inc. Goals and Objectives

  • Covid19 Responses
    • Support local, state and CDC mitigation practices to keep Downtown safe for employees and the public
  • Initiatives Within Five Years
    • Assist in long term Economic Recovery by promoting and advocating for the downtown district through any and all viable opportunities
    • Open Container by Special Event Permit
    • Mall Plaza Renovation
    • Advocate for Linear Trail access from Downtown (for event utilization and patron/visitor use)
    • Facilitation of Downtown Vision Planning Ctme
      • Provide guidance and leadership to committee members on the areas of: gathering spaces, art & music spaces, speed reduction and walkability
  • Organizational Processes and Efficiencies
    • Friends of the Neighborhood Associate membership program
    • Process and procedure documentation for all staff positions
      • Full time staff position- Event Coordinator
  • Partnerships, Sponsorships and Collaborative Efforts
    • Work with Public Works to develop a process for use of public rights-of-way during construction
    • Corporate partnerships for events and in kind support
    • Work with City to create ordinances and initiatives that further enhance downtown
  • Events, Programming and Management
    • Develop a sponsorship program for event support
    • Develop alleyway murals project with private partnerships
      • Identify locations
      • Identify funding sources
    • Grow our catalog of artists and entertainers for Third Thursday