Downtown Stewards

A Downtown Steward is a person who displays diligence in the care and keeping of our downtown neighborhood. A good steward will use responsible, wise management and decision-making skills for the purpose of benefiting our district and the community as a whole. A steward’s actions take into account not only today’s success but also tomorrow’s prosperity, and are recognizable not only in downtown but to the community at large.

The DMI Board of Directors has nominated and voted on the Downtown Steward award in past years, but in 2019 will open nominations to the entire DMI membership.

July 23 – August 9: Nominations received
August 15: DMI Board of Directors votes
September 4: 2019 Downtown Steward awarded at the DMI Annual Meeting

2018: Evan & Andrea Grier

2017: Lyle Butler

2016: Jay & Barbara Nelson

2015: Calvin Emig

2014: Ward & Brenda Morgan