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AboutMcCullough Development

McCullough Development, Inc. has been in business for over 35 years. The founder of the Company, Jim McCullough, began in architecture and quickly moved into construction and development. Early on he realized how important good management was to the company’s success. Even from their beginning with just a few properties, they have always prided themselves in caring about their clients and providing good customer service.

The McCullough Mission: To provide superior service, quality homes and places of business, while maintaining growth and profitability.

Although their corporate headquarters and most commercial properties are located in Manhattan, Kansas, they have a wide range of properties in cities throughout the Midwest. Specializing in residential, university-based, senior and commercial properties, they have a good understanding and insight into management and keeping residents happy. Their business is people and service.

Monday - Friday
8AM - 5PM
Contact & Location
210 N. 4th St., Suite C, Manhattan, KS 66502
1 (785) 776-3010