Downtown Murals

Take a walk through the Mural Corridor, right in the heart of beautiful Downtown Manhattan!!

Fraternal Order of Eagles










Rick AnzR designed and painted it with help from Albuquerque graffiti artist/ local legend Larry “2face” Verdugo who passed away in November. This mural was completed in 2012 and was commissioned by the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

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Anotações – “Notes”









“Anotacoes” (“Notes” in Portuguese) is a vibrant, 30’ mural overlooking locally-owned AJ’s Pizzeria. Incite worked with international curatorial team JustKids to select Brazilian artist duo Bicicleta Sem Frio for the job. Through a design process that combined the artist duo’s signature style with reflections of the local community, “Anotacoes” has become a recognizable icon in downtown Manhattan. This bold installation has inspired the local community to think big and Manhattan visitors to seek out other public art around the Little Apple.

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Incite worked in collaboration with Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice to commission a mural commemorating the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg shortly after her passing in October 2020. Local designer and lead creative for the mural, Taylor Carr, welcomed a team of community volunteers who assisted in the installation over the course of a weekend. The mural is located in a downtown alleyway, across from local favorite restaurant The Chef. Easily accessible and brightly colored, this mural is a fun selfie destination and opportunity to remember the notorious RBG.




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Kitty Castle










Kitty Castle was completed in April 2021 by LA based artist Sick Fisher. This commission was made possible with a generous donation from the Ward and Brenda Morgan Community Fund.

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SUP was completed in April 2021 by KCMO based muralist JT Daniels. This art was made possible thanks to the Ward and Brenda Morgan Community Fund.



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Beginning from an End











This mural is titled, “Beginning from an End” and was painted by Joseph Renda Jr. and was completed in 2021.

At one point the tallgrass prairie was a massive ecosystem, stretching from Mexico to Canada, that was full of flora and fauna. As time went on, and humans developed, we stripped the land leaving the last remaining tallgrass prairie in all North America here in the Flint Hills of Kansas. A common beloved pet is suspended in a landscape that once was a flourishing seaway. As water droplets fall onto the desolate land life grows from its soil. This gesture sets off a chain reaction and reminds us that we can make positive changes through the smallest acts.

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Mall Mural










This mural was completed by Mindy’s Murals in March of 2021 and was commissioned by Manhattan Town Center.

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I Know a Place







I Know a Place was completed in 2021 by Taylor Carr and Jess Kerr, also known as “Carr Kerr and Community”.

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Night Fires in Post Rock Country

Completed in 2022 by Louis Copt and the IT-RA Icons, muralists Isaac Tapia and Rodrigo Alvarez.

IT-RA Icons are a duo that began working together in 2017, when they were commissioned to completed 2 murals. Since then, the pair have been commissioned to paint over 40 Murals in the Kansas City Area.

Artist Louis Copt was born in Emporia, Kansas. Spending time on a farm as a child and growing up near the Kansas Flint Hills has translated into his passion for landscape painting. Copt’s current work focuses on the prairie in just about every season, but particularly the annual spring burn-off in the Flint Hills. “Since Manhattan is on the edge of Post Rock country in central Kansas I felt the image we used was appropriate relating to the history of the area. The mural features a large corner fencepost of native limestone and depicts the Flint Hills evening during a prairie burn. Fires are started naturally or by man, both accidentally and intentionally as is the case during annual prairie burns. The Plains Indians started fires to attract game to new grasses. They sometimes referred to fire as the “Red Buffalo.” Ranchers today start fires to improve cattle forage and for prairie health. To me, the prairie fires are a symbol of renewal and are necessary for the preservation of the prairie. Everyone in and around Manhattan can relate to the annual prairie fires and that is another reason I chose this subject for the mural.”

The finished mural measures 11’ x 22’ and was executed using high-quality aerosol and liquid mural paint. A gloss sealer was applied. Because the mural faces north and does not get direct sun it should last 15 to 20 years.

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Harry Wareham: Past, Present, & Future

Completed in May of 2022 by Heather Hnizdil, owner of Flight Crew Coffee, inspired by Harry Wareham’s first foray into entrepreneurship. At 18, Harry was building a portable and financially accessible skating rink for all to enjoy. Thank you to United Bank & Trust for your financial contribution to this public art!

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Day After Day

Completed in October 2023 by Joseph Renda Jr. Day After Day encapsulates the working class citizen and compares it to the effort our animal counterparts go through to provide for us. Man has evolved Chickens to lay more eggs than capable, just as society has groomed humanity to work beyond their limits. We do this both in unison for the “greater good” of the society we live in.

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